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ICPR offers convenient Well Woman Exams.

Staying healthy means scheduling your annual exams on time to make sure you’re healthy. ICPR offers Well Woman exams that include all the services you would find at a specialist, but with the added convenience of friendly, familiar faces and ease of access.

Gynecologist showing a picture with uterus to a young woman patient, explaining the features of women's health during a medical consultation in the office

What services are included in a Well Woman Exam?

At ICPR, Well Woman exams include a pap smear, internal bimanual exams, and a clinical breast exam for qualifying women. We recommend annual exams for all patients with Pap exams starting at age 21 for most healthy women and repeating every 3 years if previous tests come back normal.

Can I schedule any other additional services with my Well Woman exam?

Patients can also schedule routine blood work including a fasting blood sugar to screen for diabetes and a lipid panel to assess their cholesterol. Physicals and Well Woman exams are important for overall health since they help women stay ahead of the curve while identifying any potential concerns before they become harder to treat.

We also offer oral contraceptive prescriptions and Depo injections for birth control or menstrual cycle management.

Woman hand checking lumps on her breast for signs of breast cancer

Why should I choose ICPR for my Well Woman exam?

Choosing ICPR for your primary and gynecological care improves your overall health because your provider knows you (and your healthcare needs) personally. Combining these two services will lead to more efficient care with decreased errors as less providers are involved.

ICPR is committed to treating the whole you, not just your symptoms. That expert care, attention to detail, and commitment to always listening to your concerns now extends into gynecological care.


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