Honor & Celebrate an ICPR Team Member

The iCARE Award: For the Healthcare Heroes in Your Life

Everyone at ICPR is passionate about your satisfaction with the care you receive. Each patient we treat and each life we impact is considered a job well done. Now, you can play a role in recognizing ICPR staff members and providers and recognize those who went above and beyond during your visit with the iCARE Award.

This monthly award is based on nominations and highlights the everyday heroes who go above and beyond for our patients. Recipients receive a gift plus recognition on our website and social media, showcasing how valued they are to the ICPR team and how their work makes a difference in patients’ quality of life. Award recipients and your Patient Care Story will be promoted so others can learn about the positive impact these dedicated individuals have on our community.

Nominate your ICPR everyday hero who deserves the iCARE Award!

Patients and family members may nominate a deserving ICPR team member by submitting this nomination form.