TeleHealth Visits

TeleHealth Visits

On Screen. In Your Home.

Receive the excellent care you expect from the comfort and safety of home.

TeleHealth Visits are ideal when in-person visits are not possible. You can get an informed opinion on symptoms and even receive a referral for a diagnostic test without physically going to our office.

TeleHealth Visits can be scheduled for:

  • General Health Issues
  • Medication Follow-Ups/Refills
  • Hospital Follow-Ups (Transitional Care Management)
  • Diabetes Management
  • Smoking Cessation
  • And More!

ICPR TeleHealth Visits are covered by Medicare and many, major insurance providers.

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How do You Schedule an ICPR TeleHealth Visit?

Speak to one of our office representatives to see if your medical concern will qualify for a TeleHealth Visit (most medical concerns will qualify).

Call 309-347-4277.

Your care team at ICPR wants you to know that we are dedicated to your family’s health. Even during challenging times, it remains critical that we continue to manage chronic disease, non-infectious illness, preventative care, and everyday illness for you and your loved ones.

How do You Prepare for a TeleHealth Visit?

To make the most of your TeleHealth Visit, it’s important to prepare. The 7 tips below can help.

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1. Research your insurance coverage and copays.

Avoid unexpected charges by checking to see if TeleHealth Visits are covered. Medicare has expanded its coverage for these consultations, but not all insurance companies cover them or limit coverage to COVID-19 related problems. For those that do offer coverage for a TeleHealth Visit, you still may incur a copay. Regardless of your coverage, rest assured that all information shared during the TeleHealth Visit is covered by HIPAA laws.

2. Make a list of all symptoms.

To provide as much information as possible to our doctor/provider during your TeleHealth Visit, prior to the call make a list of all your symptoms and include how long you’ve had each symptom. Such as noting how long a fever has been present, what the highs and lows of the fever have been, and any medications you took. For visible symptoms like a rash, take a photo or be ready to show the rash using videoconferencing.

3. Be ready to share any pre-existing conditions.

During a TeleHealth Visit, our provider will need your medical history. Have notes so that you’re ready to discuss any pre-existing conditions including how long you’ve had them. If you’ve been seeing the same ICPR provider for a long time, you may be able to skip an in-depth history, but they will ask if anything has changed since your last visit. Your notes should include medications for these conditions, along with any additional medicines or supplements. Our provider needs a comprehensive picture of your medical history and current health status to properly evaluate your condition.

4. Any home medical devices you have – keep near you.

A heart monitor, blood pressure monitor, glucometer for measuring sugar levels, or even a thermometer are good to have near you during a TeleHealth Visit. This will save time if our provider requests a current reading. At a minimum, take a reading prior to a TeleHealth Visit from each of these devices, if applicable and available, and record the reading noting date and time.

5. Write down any questions you have.

Before a TeleHealth Visit, make a list of your questions. You want to avoid forgetting your questions. Having them written down will ensure our provider addresses all of your concerns. With a notepad handy, you can record our provider’s responses and make other notes on instructions and other information shared with you during the call.

6. Pick a quiet spot in your home for your TELEHEALTH VISIT & prep your device(s).

To avoid being interrupted by the kids or the dog, you need a quiet spot. And remember to turn off the TV or radio. You may even want to use earbuds or headphones. A TeleHealth Visit requires proper device(s) with the right technology/app(s) – whether a cell phone, laptop or desktop computer, make sure it’s fully charged or plugged in, and you have a reliable internet connection. Download any required app or software program utilized by ICPR providers and set up your account or login information prior to the call. Ensure the spot you’ve picked has good lighting so our provider can see you clearly.

7. Note whether an in-person follow-up appointment is recommended.

Your ICPR provider may direct you to make a follow-up appointment or, if urgent, to go to the local emergency department or urgent care center immediately. If so, bring your notes from your TeleHealth Visit so that information can be referenced.

ICPR is here for you and your family. Contact us today to schedule a TeleHealth Visit.

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