Not Just Skin Deep

ICPR Offers Convenient Dermatology Services

Sometimes a healthier body and mind starts at the surface. Beyond helping patients achieve glowing, healthy skin, we go a layer deeper to ensure that skin health matches your overall wellness too! Your trusted ICPR providers specialize in many skin conditions and treatments, so you can receive top-notch care without a referral.

What skin conditions does ICPR offer treatment for?

Doctor examining birthmarks and moles on patient.

ICPR is a great place to start seeking answers and treatment for many skin, hair and nail conditions. We offer the full spectrum of dermatological care from in-office surgical treatments (biopsies, cryotherapy, mole/cysts/nodules excisions, etc.) to consultations answering any general questions you have about everyday skin conditions.

If one of our skilled providers cannot effectively treat your condition, then we will refer you to a specialist.

Does ICPR offer dermatology services for children?

Yes! We offer pediatric dermatology, too. As with adult dermatological services, ICPR is a great place to start with any questions or concerns regarding pediatric skin, hair or nail conditions. For our adolescent patients suffering from acne, ICPR physicians may be able to provide helpful insight and treatment options to alleviate those symptoms.

Can I receive cosmetic skin care services at ICPR?

Currently, ICPR remains focused on providing relief from medical skin conditions like acne, rashes, pigmentation changes, fungal or thickened toe or fingernails, eczema, and the removal of unsightly moles or skin tags.

Does ICPR sell any skin care products on-site?

Currently, we sell a line of vitamins from UScriptives including healthy hair, skin, and nails that contains a unique blend of essential ingredients like biotin, amino acids, and antioxidants. This Hair, Skin, and Nails product helps overall appearance and health of hair, skin, and nails

We are researching other products to potentially provide if demand exists in the future.

applying an emollient to dry flaky skin as in the treatment of psoriasis, eczema and other dry skin conditions

Why choose ICPR for dermatology care?

If you’re looking for the convenience, care, and expertise of compassionate providers, then look no further! At ICPR, our mission is to treat the entire person, not just the immediate medical problem. The results of taking care of the total person can also be reflected in improvements in the dermatological issues you may be experiencing—so, it’s a win-win.


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