Physical Therapy Staff

Kristin Ross, Physical Therapist

Kristin Ross, pt headshot
Kristin gives her patients hope that her services will heal their injuries and provide better quality of life. Kristin’s expertise helps people manage short- and long-term conditions while supplying them with the tools to prevent future issues. Seeing her patients regain function and mobility, while meeting any other healthcare goals makes her position so incredibly rewarding! Deeply invested in each patient’s recovery, Kristin uses her driven and compassionate personality to guide her patients on the pathway to recovery. Mint chocolate chip may be her go-to ice cream flavor, but her warmth and compassion shines through in every single session. Like her favorite Ed Sheeran song, Kristin’s holistic, detail-oriented, and caring disposition is a “Perfect” fit for the values expected from a provider at ICPR.

Fun Facts

Weekend Must-Do | Spending Time with Family
Favorite Food | Tortellini Carbonara
Vacation Place| Lake of the Ozarks, Florida, or Cancun!
Favorite Game| Bags
Proudest Moment | Graduating DPT School & Passing the Board Exam
Alma Mater: Southern Illinois University – Edwardsville, Bachelor of Science; Bellarmine University, Doctorate of Physical Therapy

Amanda Broughton, PTA

Physical Therapy

Amanda Broughton, pta headshot

As someone who enjoys blazing new trails on two wheels, mountain biker and Physical Therapist Assistant Amanda Broughton understands the importance your mobility plays in feeling independent. Amanda relishes the chance to get to know her patients, understanding their goals and working together every step of the way until they reach their destination. Striving to be the reason behind someone’s good day, Amanda is inspired to help her patients push themselves past what they thought their limits are and reaching accomplishments they never believed were possible. Rebuilding your physical capabilities is a process — there’s no teleportation superpower that takes you right to the end! But with Amanda at your side, every bump and obstacle will feel like another exciting challenge to overcome as you pedal toward your independence.

Fun Facts

Practice Philosophy, Work Style, Approach with Patients|
I love getting to know my patients. It helps understand their goals so we can work together to help them reach those goals.
Weekend Must-Do | Mountain biking/cycling.
Favorite Food and/or Strangest Food Ever Eaten | Cake, cupcakes, cookies, donuts — basically any baked goods and pastries.
Vacation Favorite Place(s) | I love weekend trips to ride trails or new gravel roads that I’ve bever been on.
Favorite Sport/Game to Play or Watch | Cycling.
Proudest Moment | Seeing my daughter be successful with all the things she’s doing.
One Thing People Would be Surprised to Know About Me | I have four cats, all with names that begin with J (Jhett, Jagger, Jonesy, and Josie) and I am obsessed with them.
The best piece of advice I’ve ever been given is | Always be a light, you never know the darkness someone else might be living with. Be the reason someone has a good day.
What’s the most inspiring part of your job? | Seeing people push beyond what they thought were their limits and doing things they thought they never would again.
If I were a superhero, my superpower would be | teleportation.
When I was 5, I was pretty sure I’d be a hair stylist when | I grew up.
Alma Mater | ICC, Associate’s Degree in Physical Therapy

Sarah Leitner, PTA

Physical Therapy

Sarah Leitner, PTA headshot

Warm, friendly, and personable, Sarah works tirelessly with the right attitude and work ethic for each patient interaction as she guides them on the pathway to physical functionality. That means approaching each visit with kindness and compassion, establishing lasting relationships with her patients as she helps them work toward their physical goals. Just like her weekend runs, Sarah takes each plan step by step, ensuring her patients have the confidence and ability to move forward in their recovery, ultimately crossing the finish line to their newfound independence.

Fun Facts

Practice Philosophy, Work Style, Approach with Patients| I strive to have the right attitude and strong work ethic, so my patients can regain strength and independence. I love to build a relationship on a personal level with my patients while working towards their physical goals.
Weekend Must-Do | Spend quality time with family and friends, running.
Favorite Food | Steak and mashed potatoes.
Vacation Favorite Place | St. Joseph, MI
Favorite Sport/Game to Play or Watch | Spikeball.
Proudest Moment | Becoming an aunt.
One Thing People Would be Surprised to Know About Me | I still walk and talk in my sleep.
Alma Mater | Illinois Central College, Associate’s Degree in Physical Therapy

Shana Friedinger

Front Desk @ ICPR Physical Therapy

Shana Friedlinger headshotFirst impressions matter. For ICPR Front Desk Attendant Shana Friedinger, greeting patients as they walk into our clinic provides the opportunity she needs to make them feel welcome, treating all patients with a courteous and empathetic heart. Shana brings a resourceful, helpful, and versatile skillset that makes her a true “jack-of-all-trades ” for staff and patients alike. Who knows — she may even help plan your next big trip with a few handy travel recommendations! Spontaneous and adventurous, Shana’s enjoyed some incredible adventures around our great country — from traversing the Smoky Mountains of Gatlinburg, TN, to spending an evening underneath the stars in gorgeous Yellowstone National Park — but her biggest thrill is watching patients walk away from their therapy with a newfound sense of independence.

Fun Facts

Practice Philosophy, Work Style, Approach with Patients | I’m proud to be the first interaction opportunity patients have with ICPR PT. I try to treat patients with a courteous and empathetic heart. I enjoy getting to know patients while they are here. I look forward to seeing the happiness of patients when they complete therapy.
Weekend Must-Do | Take a walk or hike outside.
Favorite Food and/or Strangest Food Ever Eaten | Southwest egg rolls.
Vacation Favorite Place(s) | Gatlinburg, TN, and hiking/camping at Yellowstone National Park.
Favorite Sport/Game to Play or Watch | Softball and volleyball.
Proudest Moment | Watching my two girls, Ella and Ava, taking part in rite of confirmation at our church, St. John’s Lutheran Church.
Hidden Talent | I love to plan vacations for others!
One Thing People Would be Surprised to Know About Me | I love to take spontaneous trips!

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