Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy for Pain Management & Rehab

Are you living with pain?

physical therapist helping a pregnant patient use exercise bandsWhen was the last time you experienced pain that stopped you from doing something you normally do – like taking a walk, climbing stairs, carrying groceries or getting on the floor to play with your grandkids?

With the help of our on-staff Physical Therapist Kristin Ross and her team, ICPR can help restore your ability to do the things you love – without pain!

Personalized Physical Therapy Treatment Plans

Our personalized physical therapy treatment plans focus on building strength and mobility. Plus, Dr. Sumer and the medical providers at ICPR provide a total person approach along side physical therapy staff to make sure those experiencing pain get maximum results. This can include those who:

  • Currently take advantage of KNAP therapy (an alternative to knee replacement surgery) Now offered for the shoulder too!
  • Suffer from acute pain (pain that has just started) and chronic pain (pain that has been going on for a while)
  • Are recovering from surgery
  • Are rehabilitating following a stroke
  • Physical therapist helping a patient stretch out her hamstringsHave work or sports-related injuries
  • Suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome or arthritis/osteoarthritis
  • Have back and neck pain
  • Experience hip, knee, ankle or shoulder dysfunctions

Our approach includes at-home physical therapy exercises to maximize success.

Guided by our expert therapists, our physical therapy program – along with the at-home physical therapy exercises you are assigned – is designed to find solutions to pain that nags. We will work with you (and your physician or family doctor) to get you back to participating and enjoying activities you love.

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