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cartoon x-ray diagram of lungs within the human bodyAlthough those with heart disease and/or diabetes are usually aware of their blood pressure, cholesterol, and glucose levels, the importance of knowing your numbers as they apply to pulmonary function tests (PFTs) for COPD/emphysema/asthma and other lung conditions is commonly overlooked. The National Lung Health Education Program suggests the mantra “test your lungs; know your numbers.” At ICPR, we strongly believe that regularly scheduled PFTs are an essential method of comparison to determine how well you are responding to treatment and if your disease is progressing.

After reviewing your PFT results, a treatment plan will be designed for your specific condition. It is very important to follow the treatment plan since most people do not even know they have lung disease until they have lost at least 50% of their lung function. Additionally, most lung disease is progressive, getting worse year after year if untreated. In all cases of lung disease, it is important to repeat the test yearly, or more often if necessary, to track the progression of disease and to determine if the current treatment is adequate or needs to be changed.

Jamie Nieukirk

Registered Respiratory Therapist

Jamie Nieukirk Registered Respiratory Therapist

Jamie became a respiratory therapist only because there are very few openings for professional, full-time baby cuddlers. So her caring nature is satisfied by helping her COPD patients instead. Working with her patients fulfills her need to provide specialized care that helps people feel better, and the hugs many of her patients offer her prove how much her nurturing and knowledgeable approach means to them. When Jamie isn’t helping patients breathe better, she’s running her four musical children around or possibly swimming and enjoying lake life at one of her favorite vacation spots, including Holland, Mi. and Branson, Mo. She also likes good coffee, chocolate and cookies — this is a gal who knows how to take a breather after working hard. She might miss the years when her children were little, but now that her first has graduated from PCHS, she has a little more time for cooking, crafting and photography.

Fun Facts

Favorite Game | Yahtzee
Favorite Shoe | Birkenstocks
Nostalgic Item | Grandpa’s cowboy hat
Favorite Decade | The 2000s, when her kids were “little and cute”
Childhood Memory | Snorkeling with her dad
Strangest Food | Caviar
Nickname | James
Surprising Confession | She loves roller coasters

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