At ICPR, we are committed to providing you with the best opportunity for care and information during this difficult time regarding the COVID-19 Virus. Please be informed and all recommended precautionary measures or call this dedicated number for COVID-19 relates questions, 309-642-6539.


Dear Valued ICPR Family Practice Patients:

We want to let you know that ICPR Family Practice remains a safe place for you to visit when you are healthy and need routine care as well as when you are sick.

  • We have divided ICPR into a “Healthy Clinic” and a “Sick Clinic” by designating the Family Practice suite (to the left of Physical Therapy) for our “healthy” patients and the Sumer Wellness suite (to the right of Physical Therapy) for our “sick” patients. This makes us confident that you can visit ICPR for routine “healthy” visits or “sick” visits without cross contamination.
  • We have taken additional steps to see any patient with a documented fever or any other COVID related symptoms in the shed located in our parking lot so that they are not exposing any of our elderly, immunocompromised, or healthy patients to illness.

Here are all the safety and infectious disease controls we have put in place to protect you:

(1) We triage all calls to ensure our patients are getting the care they need whether they are healthy or sick.

(2) Only “healthy” patients will be seen in the Family Practice suite.

  • We will not allow anyone with a fever, cough, sinus drainage, or upper respiratory symptoms into the Family Practice. These patients will be directed to the suite designated for sick patients. If you are healthy at the time of your check-up, you can be confident entering our building, being in our waiting room, and seeing our staff and providers.
  • The people taking care of you will have no known exposure to COVID-19 without the PROPER PPE.

(3) All “sick” patients will be seen in the Sumer Wellness suite as directed by our greeter.

  • If you have a documented fever greater than 100.4 degrees, you will be asked to remain in the car until one of us assists you directly to our outdoor shed for evaluation.
  • We have protocols in place to keep our sick patients from cross infecting each other or our staff.
  • We wipe down exam rooms with medical grade disinfectant between visits and do a thorough disinfection of the building nightly.

Patients Meeting COVID-19 Testing Criteria

  • If you have a fever greater than 100.4, shortness of breath, and a cough or one of the other qualifying criteria – please call our dedicated COVID line and one of our staff members or healthcare providers will let you know your next steps.
  •  If you have a known exposure to COVID-19, please call and our office staff will assist you with the next steps.
  • We will have you wait in your car, not the waiting room. Staff with proper protective wear will meet you at your vehicle and direct you to our outdoor shed. A dedicated “sick clinic” provider will see you.

Telehealth Visits

ICPR is offering telehealth visits to better serve you.  If you would prefer to schedule your office visit via telehealth, call the office and speak to a representative to see if your medical concern will qualify for a telehealth visit. Most medical concerns will qualify.

Please call 309-642-6539 for any questions or to schedule an appointment. Know that ICPR remains dedicated to your family’s health. It remains critical that we continue to manage chronic disease, non-infectious illness, preventative care, and everyday illness. Due to the above precautions, please know that it remains safe to do these things at ICPR.

Dedicated to your health and well-being,

Dr. Volkan Sumer, Tonya, Shauna, Katie, Cody and all the others here at ICPR

Visit the CDC website for more information.