Weight Management for a Healthy Life

Weight Management for a Healthy Life
August 2, 2023 ICPR Family Practice
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Treating the whole you with healthy, safe weight loss.

Your body doesn’t come with notifications and everyone’s weight loss journey is an individualized process. This process includes lifestyle changes with the goal of maintaining a healthy body weight based on your age, sex and height. Some ways you can manage weight include changing your diet to make healthier choices, exercising and portion control. Other ways are trialing medications, prescriptions and supplements to help lose weight. Primary care providers, such as the care team at ICPR Family Practice in Pekin, IL can help you find the treatment plan best for you.

How do primary care providers help with healthy weight management?

Your care team typically includes primary care providers and registered nurses, ready to discuss different options for weight management. They provide comprehensive care, integrating weight management into your overall care plan. This typically includes a head-to-toe assessment by your primary care provider along with blood work labs to evaluate your metabolic function. Performing a detailed assessment and examining lab results allows your care team to treat underlying issues that may be causing weight gain. Along with this assessment, your care team counsels you on changes you can make to assist you in reaching your weight management goal.

When looking at labs, your primary care provider assesses multiple areas which, if abnormal, can lead to weight gain. One example is thyroid labs. If you are diagnosed as hypothyroid, prescription meds can be used to correct it. Hormones can also be evaluated and or treated for abnormalities. Cholesterol and blood glucose are other areas of concern that are monitored closely. By controlling blood pressure, cholesterol and blood glucose, a big cause of obesity called metabolic syndrome can be eliminated.

On top of treating comorbidities, medications can be used to suppress the appetite. A popular medication prescribed is Phentermine. If you are prescribed this drug, typically you will need to be seen monthly so your primary care provider can track your weight and blood pressure. The care team at ICPR ensures patients will not be prescribed weight loss medication if they are not also working on other ways to lose weight as recommended in their care plan.

What are the risks of not engaging in a healthy lifestyle?

If you live a sedentary lifestyle, it can lead to weight gain and the infamous metabolic syndrome. According to the AHA, metabolic syndrome is when you have three or more of the following:

  • Abdominal obesity
  • Triglycerides >150 mc/dL
  • HDL < 40mg/dL
  • Blood pressure > 130/85
  • Fasting glucose >100mg/dL (prediabetes)

When you have metabolic syndrome, you are more at risk for future diabetes and cardiovascular disease including heart attack and stroke. Living a healthy lifestyle is shown to reduce these risks while losing weight effectively.

How does nutrition play into weight management and overall health?

According to the CDC, poor nutrition contributes to many costly diseases, including obesity, heart disease and some cancers. Healthy, affordable foods contribute to your diet and positively impact your risk of related chronic diseases. Good nutrition is essential in keeping you healthy across your lifespan. Just as breastfeeding helps protect against childhood illnesses, adults with healthy eating patterns live longer and are at lower risk for serious health problems. For people with chronic diseases, good nutrition can help manage these conditions and prevent complications.


Becoming the best version of you starts with a healthier inside. Work with your primary care team such as the compassionate care team at ICPR to create short and long-term goals supported by comprehensive, individualized weight loss plans that are safe, healthy and effective. Start your weight loss journey today. Schedule an appointment at ICPR Family Practice. Call 309.347.4277 or schedule online.