Kim Crawford, KNAP Coordinator

head shot of kin crawford, KNAP coordinatorKim is the power behind ICPR’s KNAP program success. She provides KNAP patients with a friendly smile and a sparkling personality that helps put patient anxiety at ease. Kim is the KNAP program coordinator. She works very closely with patients and makes sure that participating in the program is as stress-free for the patient as possible. From follow up phone calls for appointment reminders to verifying all insurance information, Kim takes the work out of our patients’ hands and into hers.

Questions about Insurance Coverage

Will my Insurance cover this program?

Medicare and most other insurances cover KNAP. In fact, in addition to the initial program, they will continue to cover additional therapies every six months.

How do I find out what my insurance will cover?

We can help you receive insurance authorization for this unique program. We also get all coverage details to know any charges to the patient if any at all.

Do I have to be a patient of ICPR Family Practice to participate in the program?

You do not have to be an ICPR Family Practice patient, everyone is eligible to participate.

Fun Facts

Favorite Color | Purple
Favorite Ice Cream | Chocolate
Favorite Time of Year | Fall
Hidden Talent | An expert at getting any type of knot out
Nickname | Kimmy
If you were not working in healthcare what would you do? | Law enforcement or Investigator
Guilty Pleasure | Eat a cheeseburger every day

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